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Kaylynn Vrabel is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma. She has been teaching for 4 years in the State of Texas. Her conference time is from 8:40-9:20. 

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This week is the first week we have had all the students here for two days in a row in a very long time. PLEASE help students to continue this for the rest of the week. I know that sometimes they are sick or have appointments, but it would be awesome to have perfect attendance all week and the students earn an extra recess pass from Mrs. Seith.
Please help us this week to reach this goal!!!!   :)


All homework should be completed and ready to turn in tomorrow. If not completed students will lose 11 points for every day it is late. Please help students make sure they have it in their folders and ready to turn in tomorrow!


Notes for Test Tomorrow were posted on bloomz! Math homework is checking for understanding comparing and ordering fractions. Tomorrow is check day so make sure it is done.


If you have not already, please see if you can obtain a one inch binder for the students and send it to school with them. It will be used in the classroom to organize the students notes, and assignments.
Please contact me if you can not provide one so I can make alternative arrangements for that student(s).


We as a class are moving towards being a google classroom! Which means great things for the students and me. But with that we are also in need of a new resource for students to keep track of things in math and science. I am asking every student to bring a 1 inch binder to me by the end of next week. If for some reason you cannot afford one please just let me know. This binder will not leave my room, and will stay in the classroom. We will you it, much like you remember using binders in high school and college. There will be three sections in their binder they will utilize. Notes, Assignments, and Morning work. The reason I need binders, is that the folders provided already do not allow me or the students to quickly add or remove papers. A binder will allow that flexibility. Walmart has very inexpensive ones, and like I said if this is an issue for anyone please let me know. Also, if you would like to donate or provide extra binder(s), I would welcome that too!

Think Through Math

Students have access to think through math, which is an AWESOME online program. It offers them practice, and lessons, and even has an option for an online tutor!!
I am highly suggesting they complete assignments at home. Every assignment they complete at home will be used as extra credit in the classroom AND I will give them dojo for completing it.
If they can do 30 minutes a day, especially over the break you will see improvement in math. I personally use this with my own child and recommend it not only as a teacher, but as a parent. Please see Bloomz for their user names and passwords!

Dates for December to remember!

Dec. 5 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Tropical Holiday Clothes
Dec. 6 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear RED
Dec. 7 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Texas Holiday Clothes
Dec. 7 - Limo/Pizza Party Grades K-2
Dec. 8 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Holiday Shirt
Dec. 9 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Reindeer Antlers

Winter Wonderland - Family Fun Night 5pm-8pm
Send Christmas Party Pre-registration form back to make entry into school on 12/16 more efficient

Dec. 12 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear GREEN
Dec. 13 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Christmas Socks
Dec. 14 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Holiday Pajamas - NO HOUSESHOES
Dec. 14 - Limo/Pizza Party Grades 2-5
Dec. 15 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Snowmen
Dec. 16 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Holiday Hat
Dec. 16 - Christmas Parties
Dec. 16 - End of 9 weeks and semester
Dec. 19 - Dec. 30 - No School
Jan. 2 - No school for students


In math we have been moved onto fractions. We are currently learning to add and subtract them and how to name fractions greater then 1 whole.
In science we are starting slow changes to the earth which includes erosion, weathering, and types of soil.
We will again complete reading logs in class, and I think I like it better this way! If you will still have your student read every night, we will continue to fill out the logs at school.
Don't forget to check the calendar for updates and look at our what is going on in math and science page for vocabulary cards and math information!

Non Fiction Reading Logs

Due to lack of availability in the Library still, we will complete the reading logs in class this week. They will still be taken for a grade, however, I will provide everything the students to need to complete it.
I still ask that you ask the students when they have it complete, so that it is for sure turned in by Friday. I will not accept any after Friday.
Thank you!!!