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Ms. Blackmon received her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She received her teacher's certification through Sam Houston State University. Ms. Blackmon has taught special education for 17 years. She has been in Willis ISD four years where she teaches Life Skills at Meador Elementary.

Recent Posts

December 12-16

It's hard to believe it's almost Christmas Break! Our Christmas Party will be Friday, December 16th, from 10:30-11:30.
This week we will review sight words and word families we have covered up to this point. We will continue writing sentences with correct spacing, punctuation and capitalization. 
In Reading, we will continue leveled reading, comprehension and sequencing the events in a story. 
In Math, we will review single digit addition and introduce double digit addition without regrouping.

Upcoming Events:
  • Dec. 5 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Tropical Holiday Clothes
  • Dec. 6 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear RED
  • Dec. 7 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Texas Holiday Clothes
  • Dec. 7 - Limo/Pizza Party Grades K-2
  • Dec. 8 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Holiday Shirt
  • Dec. 9 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Reindeer Antlers


  • Winter Wonderland - Family Fun Night 5pm-8pm
  • Send Christmas Party Pre-registration form back to make entry into school on 12/16 more efficient


  • Dec. 12 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear GREEN
  • Dec. 13 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Christmas Socks
  • Dec. 14 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Holiday Pajamas - NO HOUSESHOES
  • Dec. 14 - Limo/Pizza Party Grades 2-5
  • Dec. 15 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Snowmen
  • Dec. 16 - 12 days of Christmas - Wear Holiday Hat
  • Dec. 16 - Christmas Parties
  • Dec. 16 - End of 9 weeks and semester
  • Dec. 19 - Dec. 30  - No School
  • Jan. 2 No school for students

Week of November 28-December 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and spent time relaxing with family and friends. 
Thank you to all who came to the Thanksgiving feast. It was a wonderful day of sharing and fellowship together. 
This week:  
Reading:  Comprehension stories, character, setting and problem in a story, retelling a story in order.
Math: fractions...understanding parts of a whole
Spelling/ELA: writing a sentence with capitals and end marks, spelling words with "ob" and "od"...sight words: the, this, that.
Have a wonderful week!!

November 7-11

Important events this week: 
Wednesday(9th)-Bowling at 300 Bowl 10:00-11:00
Friday(11th)-Community trip to Kroger and Pizza Shack to purchase items for Thanksgiving Feast-November 17th at 11:30
Reading/ELA: Reading comprehension passages, STAAR Alt practice, "ot" and "op" spelling word focus
Math:  Continue charts and graphs; read/interpret information from graphs

October 31-November 4

Happy Halloween! 
This week in Math:  picture graphs, bar graphs
Reading: Comprehension passages, AR tests, sequencing parts of a story
ELA:  writing a complete sentence using silly sentence cards
Science:  Types of energy

Week of October 24-28

The students are continuing to make good progress in multiplication and sight word recognition. Very proud of them!
This week in Math:  continue multiplication by introducing the calculator as another tool they can use. 
This week in Reading:  Reading comprehension passages and leveled reading books. 
This week in ELA:  Write sentences using spacing, capitals, a noun and verb. We will use visual aids to help in writing these sentences. 
This week in Spelling:  word families with "id" and "ix".  Spelling words will be bid, did, hid, lid, rid, fix, mix, six, this, come, here.

Week of October 17-21

In Math last week, we introduced multiplication by making equal groups and showing it by repeated addition. They did a great job showing me they understood the concept! This week, we will continue multiplication by introducing the multiplication chart/slider. I look forward to seeing their faces when they figure it out!
In Reading, we are continuing our leveled readers and comprehension passages. 
We took a sight word test on Friday and the results were wonderful! So proud of them!  We will add a new set of sight words this week. List will be posted tomorrow (Monday). 

Week of October 10, 2016

We are 8 weeks into school and I couldn't be more proud of the progress the students are making!!  
Here is our focus for the week:
ELA: position words within a story, who/what/where comprehension questions, writing complete sentences
Math:  beginning multiplication (2's, 5's, 10's)

Week of January 4

Welcome back!!  I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing break!
This week, we will be doing informal testing and reviewing previous material.

This week, these are the things we will be working on.  The students are doing so well and I am very proud of them!!! 
Counting to 100
Number identification
Find the number in between
10 more, 10 less on the number line
Building numbers to 10
Building numbers to 20
Math vocabulary-more/less, before/after, 
multiplication with the multiplication chart
 addition/subtraction word problems
number identification
writing numbers
writing name
Materials used:  hundreds chart, number line, multiplication chart, dry erase boards/markers, line viewer

September 14-18

This week we will continue to focus on numbers to 20 (putting in order, writing, one to one correspondence, counting independently). We practice counting to 100 with a hundreds chart daily and the students are beginning to catch on to the pattern....it is super cool to watch! We will also continue to work on addition sentences. 
In Science, we will begin work on the garden. Soil needs to be turned, flowers transplanted to new homes and weeds pulled. Mrs. B is our resident garden guru and it's a favorite of all the students.
We have run out of snacks. If you can contribute, please send with your child. Thanks! Have a great week!

September 8-11

We are getting into a good routine and schedules are all in place. 
This week we will be focusing on putting numbers in order 1-20, counting to 100, counting to 100 by 10's and simple addition using hundreds charts and number lines. I am so proud of the progress and focus I have seen in the students so far!!

Week of August 31, 2015

We survived the first week!!!  It was a wonderful week and it was wonderful seeing their faces walk in the classroom! This week we are continuing beginning of the year assessment in math, reading and language arts.