William Lloyd Meador Elementary School

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Meador Elementary Prepares for Fun Run Rescheduled to Feb. 4

The Fun Run has been set up to raise funds for MES. The money raised will be used to purchase additional technology for our classrooms and students. 100% of the money raised will be used in the purchase of classroom technology to enhance the learning environment of our students. There are two ways to make our Fun Run a success. You may donate a certain amount of money for every lap a student runs or you may give a onetime flat donation. If you give money per lap, for example $1 per lap, the student will probably run 30 laps or two miles. The total that you would pay that student would be $30. If you decide to pay a onetime flat fee of $20, you will only pay $20 no matter how many laps the student runs. From the MES viewpoint, if you give a flat donation or decide to donate per lap, either way the students of MES will be the winner. Thank you for your support from the MES students and staff.