William Lloyd Meador Elementary School

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A little bit about me...

Mrs. Zubieta had earned a B.A. in Marketing, M.A. in Education, as well as a Texas State Teacher Generalist Certification – Spanish for EC-4. She had many years of teaching experience in Mexico and in the United States and it is her desire to play an integral part in achieving 2016-2017   Meador Elementary's Kindergarten goals. As Kindergarten Bilingual Teacher, she will work closely with the school community to provide teachers and students with appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to help fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. In addition, foster a collaborative campus environment and promote parent involvement in their child's education.
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Esta semana estaremos repasando las palabras de uso frecuente yo, veo, una, uno, el, la, los, las.  
Por favor lean en casa cuando menos tres veces cada libro que se envía.   Esto ayudará a la fluidez de lectura de sus estudiantes.
Agradezco todo su apoyo y su confianza.