William Lloyd Meador Elementary School

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About Mrs. Shaffer

I am a proud graduate of the University of Houston (Go Cougs!) and have been teaching Kindergarten since 2005. I am married and have 4 children (23, 23, 15, 14) who attend or graduated from Wiliis ISD.  I also have a 160lb. Great Dane who is completely spoiled and thinks he is a cat!

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KONA ICE Friday the 19th

Reminder: Kona Ice is coming to Meador tomorrow. The children with perfect attendance will get a free Kona Ice. Everyone else may purchase one for $3. Please send any monies tomorrow if you want your child to purchase one.

Week of May 22 - 26

This week we are learning:

Reading—“The Moon”

Math—Using Math in Daily Life

Social Studies— Memorial Day

Science— Mammals

Vocabulary- (These words should be recgnized when seen.)

moon sky night right find

soon try light sight mind


Daily Practice – Please be sure that your child reads every day

over the summer. Remember, reading is a very new skill for each of them,

and if they don’t use it, they could lose it! Try re-reading the take-home

readers throughout the summer. Also, consider making a weekly visit to

the Willis Public Library next to Taco Bell on FM 1097. Have a wonderful


Parents- Kindergarten Graduation will be Wednesday, May 24, at

9:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. Students may leave after graduation and

celebrate with their families for the rest of the day. They will not be

counted absent.

Daily Classwork:

Monday: Adding tens

Tuesday: More/less

Wednesday: Sorting 2-D shapes

Thursday: Sorting 3-D shapes

Friday: Solid figures

Week of May 15 - 19

NOTE:  Kindergarten Graduation is May 24th @9:30 - You may check your child out of school to celebrate as soon as the ceremony is over! 
This week we are learning:

Reading—“How I Became a Pirate”

Math—Tens and Ones

Social Studies— Needs and Wants

Science— Fish and Reptiles

Vocabulary- (These words should be recognized when seen.)

your what where were who


Daily Practice – Students should practice reading

their take-home readers every night at home.  Parents, please

initial the reading log the first time your child reads the book.

Then just put a check after your initials for every time

he/she rereads the book.

Parents: Kindergarten Field Day will be Tuesday, May 16. Please

make sure your child wears tennis shoes and T-shirt on that day.

They will be competing in a variety of races!

Daily Classwork:

Monday: Adding 8 and 9

Tuesday: Addition sentences

Wednesday: Finding missing parts

Thursday: Subtraction sentences

Friday: Tens and ones