William Lloyd Meador Elementary School

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 Paula Smith graduated from Sam Houston State University,  She as been a teacher in 

public and private education for 28 year.  Her teaching career has included First grade, Second grade, Third grade, Fifth grade, Sixth grade, and Neuhaus Interventionist (phonics and reading). Her family includes her husband of 42 years and five grown children with families of their own.  Life is full both at school and home. 




To all my wonderful parents of my precious students,


We will begin sending Daily Folders home with a reading book and homework sheets.  Please sign and return daily.  Students will keep sight word flash cards in zipper bags.  Homework should take no more than 10 minutes each night.  If it takes longer than 10 minutes, put it aside and complete it the next day.  Sign the folder each day with name of book read or note about what was done for homework such as review sight words or math worksheet. 

We are ready to excel as a class and enjoy as we learn.

Any questions?  Please message me. 


 Daily Folders will not be sent home on Friday.  







my family